My daily animal warmup. First-come, first-serve animal selection every morning on twitter/sydneypadua.

I am an animator currently drawing a graphic novel, The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, for Pantheon Books. There's hardly any animals in it at all.

Scientists and Animals! Lovelace and Babbage as penguins. It’s a long story. I may clean this up, if the fever does not pass.

(wait for it to load, it does animate!)

E is for Euler

D is for Dyson

C is for Marie Curie

A is for André-Marie Ampère.  He is technically an animal… I’m starting with scientists now.

Zesty ZigZag Salamander.. Have a Zesty 2013!

Yodelling Yakiel

Xylophagic Xantus

Xylophagic Xantus

A Wily Wildebeest

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